What is EpidIA.org

EpidIA.org is an open-source initiative to implement a tool to be used by the authorities to optimize the un-lockdown strategy in regards to COVID-19 pandemic. This tool use all available data (open-data, or data coming from government) to train an Artificial Intelligence to predict the development of the pandemic depending on different un-lockdown scenarios.

What has been achieved so far

Thanks to the contribution of around 40 contributors, two interfaces have been developed:

What is the technical stack of EpidIA.org
Front-End - Main
Back-End - Main
Front-End - Subsidiary
vuexState Management
leafletInteractive Map
vuetifyUser Interface & Style
d3State Management
chartjsChart creation
Front-End - Subsidiary
pandasData Management
azureAzureCore Python SDK
What can I bring to EpidIA.org

EpidIA.org needs contribution on:

Front-End: Javascript / Typescript (VueJS)
Back-End: Python (Flask)
Data Science: Python, including usual Machine-Learning / Data-Science libraries
How can I contribute to EpidIA.org

All the codebase is hosted on our public Organization in Github hereafter (MIT licence): https://github.com/EpidIA-org.

We can also on-board you in the Organization Drive, Slack and add you to the team in Github.

* We won't use this information for any communication or mailing list.